Fall 2023 Officers

Matthew Bartosch

President | mpbtwn@mst.edu

Matthew is a Senior in Civil and Architectural Engineering. He has held internships and a TA position in surveying and is planning to intern at Great Rivers Engineering in Summer 2023.

Tyler Haer

Vice President | jthphq@mst.edu

Tyler is an Architectural Engineering Senior in the CArEE Department.

Daniel Read 

Treasurer | djrcd7@mst.edu

Daniel is a Senior in Civil Engineering in the CArEE department and a grader for Fluid Mechanics.

Ellie Viox

Secretary | ervmk2@mst.edu

Ellie is a Senior in Architectural Engineering and is also involved in Tau Beta Pi and the CArEE department office. She will intern at ARCO in project management in Summer 2023.

Miles Diekemper

Editor of the Transit | maddb8@mst.edu

Miles is a Sophomore in Architectural Engineering, and also works in the Writing Center on campus.

Matthew Kaiser

Pledge Marshall | jmk4f9@mst.edu

Matt is a Senior in Civil Engineering and pitches for the baseball team.

Moriah Ellis

Service Chair | me4cz@mst.edu

Moriah is a senior in Civil Engineering in the CArEE department and grades for Fluid Mechanics.

Keagan Irizarry

Fundraising Chair| kjippk@mst.edu

Keagan is a junior in Architectural Engineering and TA for Architectural Design Studio II.

Grace Duong

Social Chair | gndmx8@mst.edu

Grace is a senior in Environmental Engineering and advanced member of Climbing Club.

Joel G. Burken

Faculty Advisor | burken@mst.edu

Dr. Burken is the Curator’s Distinguished Professor and Chair for the CArEE Department. He completed his BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering at the University of Iowa. He was also a National Environmental Research Institute Visiting Scholar, Erksine Visitine Scholar, and founder president of Phytoforensics, LLC. He is involved with ASCE and is a Chi Epsilon Missouri S&T Chapter Honor Member.