• You will be given a “rough” key (also known as a transit) by your pledge marshal.
  • Smooth all rough edges on the casting – Start with a metal file to get the roughest part off. Then, switch to a very coarse emery cloth. As sanding progresses, move up to finger grit and conclude with steel wool.
  • Paint as indicated below. Model paints work the best and can be purchased at K-Mart, Wal-Mart, or Hobby Lobby. Be sure to use the kind that will stick to metal!
  • Obtain a wooden plaque. Stain and varnish the front of the board only. You may use any size, shape or type of lumber you wish.
  • Fix the completed key/transit to the front of the board. (Wait for the varnish to dry; if it is still tacky, it will pick up finger prints.) Epoxy works best for this task!
  • Obtain officer signatures on the back of the plaque. The key must be fixed on the plaque before the signatures are obtained. Past plaque signings have been held at Alex’s Pizza, but Pledge Marshall will appropriately decided and communicated with the pledge class.

Do a good job – this is something to be proud of and you will be graded on it!

This is called a transit


PURPLE (Epsilon, E)

BLACK (background)

WHITE (Chi, X)